If you have a query about an upcoming event you have arranged with Mystery Creek Events Centre, or how we can help to safely plan a new event please contact us here.

If you wish to visit our New Zealand National Fieldays Society HQ, please follow the guidance via this link.

Our headquarters and venue are fully vaccinated premises and CURRENTLY operating under THE ORANGE traffic light.

As a fully vaccinated venue, we will continue to monitor any changes to advice so we can both host, and help our hosts plan safe events. Under the current Government framework, the following table show the impacts at each alert level.


What processes are in place to make my event safe and enjoyable at Mystery Creek?

1. My Vaccine PassAs a fully vaccinated venue, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience. That’s why access will not be
granted to our venue unless you can provide an official My Vaccine Pass. This applies anyone visiting our site including our staff, event hosts and their
staff / contractors, and event visitors,

2. Contact tracing: If you visit our venue, we encourage you to record your visit via the Covid tracer app and wear a face mask to protect yourself and others. In accordance with government guidelines, we have official QR codes stationed at every entry.

3. Event layout: Our experienced Venue Event Managers can assist you with configuring our different spaces to allow for adequate spacing in line with any Government guidance – without detracting from your event.

4. Cleaning: We maintain a frequent and thorough cleaning process and schedule for shared spaces, and ensure facilities are well stocked with soap.

5. Hygiene: At Mystery Creek we have ample facilities for visitors to be able to regularly wash their hands as well as many hand sanitiser systems installed throughout, and paper towels where hand dryers are not available.

6. Unparalleled space: With 114 hectares of land, 7 unique event spaces, unlimited parking, and ample facilities such as restrooms and kitchens – meeting social distancing requirements could not be any easier.

How can I ensure I can get access to the venue or any events at Mystery Creek?

1. Provide an official My Vaccine Pass, or any other personal identification we request

2. Ensure you are not sick / flu-like symptoms when attending (we will decline entry if we have reason to believe you have flu-like symptoms)

3. Scan in using the NZ Covid tracer app

4. Practice good hygiene and follow the current traffic light guidance (i.e wear a mask when attending under orange / red)

Are the staff at the venue vaccinated?

Yes. As part of our own COVID-19 Protection Framework and policies, all of our staff, volunteers, suppliers and anybody else attending our venue is required to show proof of their official My Vaccine Pass.

Will I have to provide proof I am vaccinated?

Yes. You will be required to provide official and valid proof of your My Vaccine Pass for scanning by the NZ Pass verifier app.

If I am unvaccinated, can I still attend?

There are only two reasons we would permit entry to unvaccinated persons:

1. The person is a child under 12 years old, which is not a current Government requirement for vaccination

2. The person can provide an official My Vaccine Pass showing they are medically exempt

Any other persons attempting access WILL be declined entry to any part of our venue.