We create and deliver globally-recognised events.

Mystery Creek is New Zealand's foremost multi-functional events centre, creating and delivering industry-leading and globally-recognised events.
Hosting an event of any description at Mystery Creek Events Centre is not just about venue hire but about the entire event experience, from concept to delivery to follow up. Our professional staff are able to arrange a wide variety of activities for your participants and working to your specific support requirements.
At Mystery Creek Events Centre we focus on ensuring the event experience exceeds the client’s expectations and it is with this event experience in mind, that we present you with a world-class venue combined with innovative concepts to guarantee a successful and memorable event.

Our History

Mystery Creek Events Centre is owned and operated by the not-for-profit New Zealand National Fieldays Society. Formed in 1968 by a group of like-minded and passionate farmers, the Society's mission is to advance agriculture in New Zealand, primarily through its annual NZ Agricultural Fieldays event.
Purchased by the Society in 1971, the land at Mystery Creek has been constantly developed since that time, to now sit at 114 hectares. The property has become a versatile site able to be transformed into a thriving event city, with permanent infrastructure, architecturally-designed buildings and an ever-evolving roading system to deliver a planned and connected visitor experience.
NZ Agricultural Fieldays remains the cornerstone event of the Society, with other events such as Equidays and Transport and Heavy Equipment (THE) Expo now firmly established in our growing event calendar.
The Society consists of a pool of dedicated members and volunteers who work together with the staff and Board to achieve our strategic priorities and deliver globally-recognised events.

Meet Our New CEO – Peter Nation


Peter grew up in the Turakina Valley just out of Hunterville in the Rangitikei,
North Island of New Zealand.

Raised on a large sheep and beef property with his parents also operating a sawmill,
Peter spent most of his holidays either helping out on the farm or in the mill.

Peter spent 25+ years in the banking industry, working primarily in rural towns and regions.
During this time he held positions of Bank Manager and Regional Rural Manager before a career change took him out of the banking sector and into the agricultural industry in 2004.

Here he began his 11-year journey as Gallagher’s National Sales Manager.

Peter holds a post-graduate diploma in Banking and is a graduate of the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme, run out of Lincoln University. Peter is also Fellow of the Banking & Insurance Institute and a member of the NZ Institute of Directors.

Peter has spent some 11 years on the Board of the NZ National Fieldays Society™, resigning his position early this year to take up the role of CEO.

Peter also is a Past Chair, Trustee and Treasurer of the NZ Farm Environment Award Trust.
He held these various positions over a 10-year period, having been on the inaugural management
team that set this very prestigious organisation up nationally.

Peter has been involved in sales, business and relationship management for some 30+ years, predominantly managing remote teams and the sales and distribution of products and services.

Having devoted his entire life to supporting rural New Zealand, he believes that without the
agribusiness sector, New Zealand would not be held in the high esteem it is now on
the world stage.

The agribusiness sector is well known for its innovation, supply of world-class food and
world-renowned leadership. He also believes strongly that without collaboration within the
industry, innovation and continuous improvement would be seriously impaired.

Our Board

Peter Carr (President), James Allen (Vice President), Lance Enevoldsen, Jenni Vernon, Pam Roa, David Gasquoine, Jason Hoyle (elected Directors), Bill Falconer and Brent Goldsack (co-opted Directors).

The Board of Directors of NZ National Fieldays Society Inc. (NZNFS) is elected by its members to govern NZNFS. The Board establishes NZNFS’s objectives / overall policy framework within which the business is conducted / and confirms strategies for achieving these objectives. The Board also monitors performance and ensures procedures are in place to provide effective internal financial control. The Board is chaired by the NZNFS President or his delegate in his absence.

The Board is committed to undertaking its role in accordance with accepted best practice within the context of NZNFS’s business.




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