Mystery Creek Museum RAMS

Students reminded to treat objects carefully and supervised in small groups during workshop.

Students UNHURRIEDLY walk around the exhibits and between locations, accompanied by supervising
adult at all times. Barriers surrounding artefacts not to be broached.

Causal Factors Risk reduction strategies.

Inappropriate handling of objects in workshop.

Students running into exhibits.

Physical interaction with artefacts.

Tram may have to brake suddenly for pedestrians around Western Springs.

MOTAT is a significant organisation, comprising several buildings which meet the Auckland City Council requirements for safety and hygiene.

The MOTAT Science and Technology building contains purpose built classrooms in which many of the programmes will be centred, but the learning experience will take place throughout the sites.

As a public venue and a place of employment, MOTAT seeks, and is required to be fully compliant with Occupational Safety and Health regulations. Staff attend monthly Safety Committee meetings
Schools are reminded on arrival that they stay in supervised groups and that running is not permitted on site.

The MOTAT Tramway operates as a public transport service and as such is subject to stringent safety regulations.

MOTAT staff have been trained in evacuation procedures in the event of fire, earthquake or bomb alert.
The first aid/sick bay in between the School House and the Fire Engine Display. Please report to the souvenir shop if first aid is required.

Evidence That A Safe Learning Environment Is In Place (Rams)

MOTAT Risk Management Plan

Supervising adults and staff remind students that they
should not be interacting with the artefacts

All customers reminded to remain seated on the tram.

Uneven Surfaces & Rail Lines.

Slippery floor near leaks on the
mezzanine floor in Exhibition Display
Hall building.

Vehicle Access to MOTAT car park
and around site.

“Watch Your Step” signs in place & No Running
policy on site.

“Slippery Floor” signs in place.

Sign posted for both traffic & pedestrians, 5kph limit